The game-changing WordPress plugin that seamlessly connects WordPress to goHighLevel CRM

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How To Start?

Install & Activate The Plugin

Easily Connect With goHighLevel

Enjoy The 2-way Data Flow

  • The Contact will be added automatically to goHighlevel.

  • Specific tag or tags can be applied to that contact

  • Contacts can be added to the Selected Campaigns

  • Contacts can be added to the Selected workflows

  • You can allow contacts visit a page/post if that contact has a certain tag or tags? (Upcoming)

A Quick Review

How's People Say About Us?

George Owens

The "GHL Wizard" plugin has truly been a game-changer for our goHighLevel agency. It has bridged the gap between our agency and our clients' WordPress websites with effortless ease, simplifying the process and saving us an immense amount of time.

Kim Wexler

Niaj from Better Wizard always provide a 5 star tech support to our membership website, so much happy with his support

James Cart

We use "GHL Wizard" plugin in our and it work seamlessly with our Learning management system and reduced thousand of hours by the power of automation.

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